Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my shopping cart order deleted?
Answer:  Before you add items in the shopping cart, you do not log in your account. So you will find that the items have gone the next time you visit your shopping cart, because the items have not been kept in your account. You are recommended to add items in the shopping cart after you log in.

Why is there only Naira price in your website? I'm not from Nigeria how can I pay you US dollars?
Answer: Our country of origin is Nigeria; hence our website default currency is Naira. Meanwhile, if you want to pay us in United States Dollar (USD), you can still pay us USD by selecting the currency converter on the top menu. This will change the entire site currency accordingly. Afterwards, you can proceed with the order and pay; with Bank Transfer, Western Union Money Transfer or any other payment option acceptable for USD. 

Why is the amount you received less than what I paid in the Bank?
Answer: Besides transaction fee in the bank you make transfer, also, there may be some third party Bank charges you pay in the process. This can include Stamp duty charges (Nigerian orders above N1000), Inter-Bank Transfer charges among others. If that happens, the third party will charge the transaction fee from the payment, so the payment time will be longer and the amount we receive will be less than the amount you pay.

Does Local Bank Transfer USD?
Answer: No, Local Bank Transfer accept only Nigerian Naira due to the dollarization policy of the Central Bank of Nigeria. Only International Customers can pay us in USD.

What is Wholesales online store all about?  is Nigeria’s premiere online wholesale store privately owned and managed. We are major importer of various marketable products. These products include household appliances, computer/phones, electronics and security/surveillance devices etc.

How is wholesales online store different from other popular online stores?
Wholesales online store majorly sells wholesales, while other online stores sell retail. store provides a platform for individuals and companies looking for innovative marketable products to buy at low  wholesale prices and  redistribute for profit
How do I partner with online store?
You can partner with us to redistribute our products as a Reseller. Please click here to get detail information on the requirements and benefits of being a Reseller

How much do I need to start doing business with you?
The partnership opportunity is designed in such a way that everybody can start to do business with us even if you don’t have huge capital. You can become a Reseller with little amount of money. The more products the purchase the more price discount you enjoy. We have network of resellers and partners all over the Nigeria. 

What is the estimated delivery time?
Delivery within Abuja takes within 2 day, while outside Abuja takes 3-4 days. Meanwhile, international delivery timeline will be determined by the medium of shipping (By Air, Water or Road) and distance of the country to Nigeria.

What various methods of payments do you have?
The following methods of payment are available: Cash Deposit, Bank Transfer, Debit/Credit Card (Verve, Mastercard and Visa), Bitcoin (BTC) among others which will be displayed for you at the point of payment. The currencies accepted are Naira (NGN), Dollar (USD) and Digital Currencies. Please note all orders are prepaid and we will ship only after receipt of your payment. 

How much do you charge for shipment?
The amount charged for shipment is dependent on the quantity of product and the location for shipment. You can contact us before to get the estimated cost of shipments before paying for the order.

I want to buy some products, but I am not in Abuja what do I do?
Simple, Just Call/Whatsapp 08095029999 to place your order and we will deliver to you nationwide. You can make bank deposit/transfer to our bank account. After payment confirmation, your goods will be shipped to you through our partner courier companies such as Fedex, Peace Express Services Limited (Courier Services), DHL & Sky Courier Service and other cargo transport company that is available in your locality.