How to Buy

Step 1. Look around our website & Click on the Categories of choice.

Step 2. Browse through the Products or Service and view the full descriptions. You can double click on the image or use the scroll bar to view a larger image. Choose dimension, size, color, volume or any other applicable feature. Once you have found the item you would like to purchase, click on the "ADD TO BASKET" button to place it in your shopping cart.

Step 3. Enter the Quantity of product you want to buy and Click “Add to Cart” to add the item to your shopping cart.

Step 4. If you wish to Continue shopping, click “x”  above to Continue Shopping or Click “proceed to Checkout” to pay for your item.

Step 5. Choose a checkout method: Checkout by entering your email and password details if shopping for the first time on our site. Otherwise, log in with your email address and password and proceed.

Step 6. Enter Delivery Method, Billing, Delivery Details and Choose your preferred Payment Method and proceed.

Step 7. Confirm order Total and proceed to payment page where you will enter your payment details and submit.

Step 8. Get an instant confirmation online to know if your order was successful. We will Ship/Deliver your product or service once normal routine fraud review process is completed successfully or Bank Transfer Option has cleared to our Bank Account. 


Meanwhile, digital products will be auto downloaded if your payment option is automatic such as payment by Debit/Credit Card (Verve, Mastercard & Visa), Digital Currency (Bitcoin, BTC, PerfectMoney, PM), Payment Aggregator (e.g. Paypal)

* For payment with your Credit/Debit card, you will be re-directed to or other listed payment gateway to make payment with your Card.

We will never know your card number or password as the information is not recorded on our website. Remember to click “Confirm Payment” if required.


For enquiries and support Cal/Whatsapp: (+234) 080-9502-9999 or email