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Millet is a staple cereal crop consumed by human and animal. Millet has ability to promote good digestion, prevent asthma, helps get rid of LDL cholesterol and clear up toxin from the body. It is gluten-free grains and which makes it consumed by everyone, so you can use it to prepare any food of your choice or use for factory production. You can buy Millet from in wholesale and retail quantity, click here now.

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Millet may not be the most common type of seed crop that you’re expecting on your table, but in fact, this group of variable small-seeded grasses is cultivated throughout the world, both for livestock feed and human consumption. It is mainly grown in developing countries, but its ability to grow in relatively harsh, arid, and dry environments makes it an ideal crop for many countries.

Millets are a group of small seed grasses grown in semi-dry areas of Nigeria. Millets have been widely cultivated as cereal crops or as fodder for animals. Because millets have a short growing season, can withstand dry and high-temperature conditions yet yield well, they are popularly grown in the developing nations. 

In Nigeria, Millets is enjoying rising popularity due to a variety of health benefits of millets. They are gluten-free grains and hence it can be consumed by everyone. Millet is a food staple for many diets throughout the world.

Benefits of Millet
Millet health benefits includes promoting good digestion, preventing asthma, helps get rid of LDL cholesterol, clear up toxin from the body, helps manage diabetes, helps prevent cancer and support a healthy heart. Other benefits includes preventing anemia, helps repair body tissue, provide gluten-free alternative and helps prevent gallstones.

Millet is a grain with a multitude of benefits. Millet can be used as a traditional cereal, and can also be used in porridge, snacks, and other types of bread, as it is very high in starch, like other grains. It is also a very good source of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and organic compounds that can significantly boost human health in various ways. It is 100% vegetarian, high in vitamin B, iron, manganese and phosphorous. It is a healthier alternative to rice and goes seamlessly with dals and sabzis. It is receiving additional attention in recent years, as Celiac disease seems to be a larger and well-known condition. Millet is gluten-free, so Celiac sufferers can turn to it as their source of grains, instead of wheat. In terms of basic food staples that are praised as the simplest and most valuable additions to diets around the world, millet provides the most energy, as well as the most fat and B-vitamins.It brings a nutty flavor and crunchy texture when mixed in breads with wheat flour. Millet can also become a breakfast option as an upma.

Why buy Millets from us?
Millets are ancient grains traditionally grown and consumed in every part of Nigeria and beyond. In recent times, we realise our ancestors has actually had a great diet – that eating a locally grown, diverse diet with high fibre is essential for health and wellness, hence they live longer. With little or no rainfall, Millet can grow in poor conditions where many others crops fail.

As we have worked on promoting millets with Nigerian farmers, we have witnessed that growing more Millets strengthens the rural economy while minimizing the effect of draughts across the Country. We also make sure that the farmer we buy from are compensated at better than market rates.

Once the Millets reach our factory, they go through a thorough cleaning and processing, while making sure that the output doesnt lose any nutritional content. Subsequently, the Millet reach our Warehouse; where they are available online for people to buy on Our aim is to get more people to eat millets so that we can support more and more farmers.

When you buy millets from us, you can be assured that you are buying the product of a value chain extending all the way to the farmer. So be reassured – when placing your order online – you are getting the best quality millets at reasonable prices.

Millet at a Glance
Millets are a group of highly variable small-seeded grasses, widely grown around the world as cereal crops or grains for fodder and human food.

Millets are important crops in the semiarid tropics of Asia and Africa (especially in Nigeria, India, Mali, and Niger), with 97% of millet production in developing countries. The crop is favored due to its productivity and short growing season under dry, high-temperature conditions.

Millets are indigenous to many parts of the world. The most widely grown millet is pearl millet, which is an important crop in India and parts of Africa. Finger millet, proso millet, and foxtail millet are also important crop species.

Millets may have been consumed by humans for about 7,000 years and potentially had "a pivotal role in the rise of multi-crop agriculture and settled farming societies."

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