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Yam is an wholesale supplier of Yam. We buy the Yam from Nigerian Farmers locally. The yams are predominantly having brown tough skins and the flesh can vary in colour – anything from white to yellow to purple – depending on the specie you want. We supply Yam for Households, Eateries, Hotels, Factories among others. You can order now.

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In Nigeria, Yam are major sources of income and have high cultural value. They are used in fertility and marriage ceremonies, and a festival is held annually to celebrate its harvest. Consumer demand for yam is generally very high in this sub-region and yam cultivation is very profitable despite high production costs.

The yam is a staple food in many tropical countries, particularly in Africa, the Caribbean and the South Pacific. Yams favor tropical and sub-tropical weather during their growing season, a number of species are cultivated for food in the tropics; in certain tropical cultures, notably in Nigeria, New Guinea and other West African countries, yam is the primary agricultural commodity and the focal point of elaborate ritual.

Hundreds of species of yams are known, and they vary widely in taste and appearance. Yams’ flesh ranges in colour from white to yellow, pink, or purple. They vary in taste from sweet to bitter to tasteless. Yams are consumed as cooked starchy vegetables. They are often boiled and then mashed into a sticky paste or dough, but they may also be fried, roasted, or baked in the manner of potatoes.

Yams are starchy staples in the form of large tubers produced by annual and perennial vines grown in Nigeria. There are hundreds of wild and domesticated Dioscorea species. White Guinea yam, D. rotundata, is the most important species especially in the dominant yam production zone in West and Central Africa. It is indigenous to West Africa, as is the Yellow yam, D. cayenensis. Water yam, D. alata, the second most cultivated species, originated from Asia and is the most widely distributed species in the world.

Yams are are among the economically important species of Dioscorea, a genus in the monocotyledonous family Dioscoriaceae. These species, all tropical in their origin, are cultivated for their edible tubers (enlarged, fleshy, usually underground storage stems). The stems bear stalked, palmately veined leaves that are simple and entire, although a few species have three-lobed leaves. All yams have a dioecious lifestyle, which means that the staminate and pistillate flowers are borne on separate plants. The flowers are inconspicuous, being only 1/8 in (2-4 mm) long and whitish or greenish. The fruits produced from the flowers are three-angled and contain winged seeds. Some cultivars of yam, however, rarely flower or set seed.

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