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Shisha Natural Charcoal

  • Origin: Nigeria
  • Type: Natural Hardwood
  • Wood: Acacia Nilotica, Acacia Senegal, Gum arabic trees
  • Sound: Metallic
  • Burning time: >4hrs
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​We supply high quality natural Shisha Natural Charcoal from Nigeria. Our Charcoals are natural and fully carbonized. They are sourced directly from the farms in various forests depending on the type of wood charcoal requested by our customers.



Pricing Terms:

Delivery Terms
Local Delivery medium for Nigerian Orders and FOB Apapa port, Lagos and Abuja Nigeria for International Orders to be mutually agreed.

Shipping Documents:
Bill of lading, commercial invoice & packing list.

Packaging Options:
20kg – 32kg strong pp bags.
Charcoal Features:
Length: 20mm-80mm
Diameter/Thickness: 30mm-80mm
Shape: irregular, easy lighting, long time burning.

International Minimum Order Quantity:
1x40ft HC container (>20 MT)

AverageLatest Shipping Time:

20 days after confirmation of payment.

Shisha Charcoal. From raw material to production process and packaging, everything is uniquely special to produce the best and traditional charcoal for Shisha .Premium grade charcoal, made with young mangrove trees. It is slowly carbonized inside traditional clay and brick kilns for at least 10 days and naturally cooled for 7 days more. It is equally important to mention that our Premium Grade Charcoal is manually graded and packed. The Shapemare usually Finger, pipes, cylindrical.

MadeinNigeriaMarket is your source of charcoal for cooking barbecue (BBQ), Shisha, Industrial and other uses. Our charcoal bring the best taste and aroma in your food when you ignite with it. We have different types Of Charcoal such as: Hardwood Charcoal, Charcoal Briquettes, BBQ Charcoal and Shisha Charcoal. We are charcoal suppliers, charcoal manufacturers, and exporters.We provide our customers with a broad Range of natural charcoal products – Hardwood charcoal and Softwood Charcoal for BBQ and Grilling, Briquettes Charcoal, Shisha Charcoal, Charcoal fines and charcoal powder for industrial applications.The notable Key Features of our charcoal are: Best Quality, Affordable, Effective, Competition Quality Taste, Handpicked size Chunks,Blend of unique Pure BBQ Flavor, No Chemical Additives. MadeinNigeriaMarket is a leading distributor of charcoal and firewood in Nigeria.

Our primary customers come from Food Manufacturers, Restaurants, Caterer, Hawker, Supermarket, Resort, Exporters and many more. We deliver all over Nigeria and Export Globally. We offer custom packing and palletize for Bulk orders. Our Charcoal is used for toothpastes, cosmetics, cooking and we have them in large quantity from multiple states like Nasarawa, Kaduna, Jos, Minna, Egbe, Jebba, Oyo, and several other states in Nigeria. We understand the best carbonization process and can supply as much metric tonnes as you require locally and globally.

Charcoal is a pure carbon also called char, that is made by cooking wood in a low oxygen setting, which is a process that can take several days to burn off volatile compounds like water, methane, hydrogen, and tar.

Our Charcoal is natural and fully carbonized. There are sourced directly from the farms in various forests depending on the type of wood charcoal requested by our customers.

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