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Mica Muscovite Mined in Nigeria

MINM specializes in producing high-quality Muscovite Mica (Potassium Aluminosilicate, or Ruby Mica) Sheets for use in thin film deposition, electron microscopy, and atomic force microscopy. Mica sheets are generally immediately available in most volumes. Muscovite is a silicate mineral that contains potassium and aluminum. It is also known as Mica or Isinglass. Muscovite may form in layers of sheets (called “Books”) which are clear with a pearly luster on cleavage faces or as a rock forming mineral.
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Mica Muscovite Mined in Nigeria. The name “Muscovite” comes from the term “Muscovy-glass”, a name formerly given to the mineral because it was actually used in Russia for windows. Muscovite typically occurs in metamorphic rocks, particularly gneiss and schist, where it forms crystals and plates. It also occurs in igneous rocks such as 

granites and fine-grained sedimentary rocks. Large crystals of muscovite are often found in veins and in pegmatite.

Muscovite reflects light strongly from broken fragments. This is caused by a natural cleavage resulting in thin sheets (“Basal Cleavage”). Sheets naturally form in alternating layers, resulting in Muscovites distinctive shape. When the sheet growth is unobstructed they form hexagonal sheets. A unique variety in Brazil forms yellow five pointed stars and is called "Star Muscovite".

Muscovite is usually clear but may be silvery, coppery silver, light gray, brown, pale green, or rose-red in color depending on the thickness of the sample and 
presence of impurities.

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