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Black Stone Flower (Kalpasi, Dagad Phool)

Black Stone Flower is one of the most unusual spices, it is a rare dried flower, Lichens come in many colors, Color is used in identification. Kalpasi does not have a particular shape. It is a rare dried flower. Dry lichens Should be dark grey, brown, or black. Kalpasi have a Sweet Aromatic flavor. Even kalpasi taste is very good in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.  In Stock
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Black Stone Flower or Dagad Phool is a soft brown and black coloured lichen that gives the signature black color. It has a strong earthy aroma and a very dry, light fluffy texture and feel to it. Color changes depending on when a lichen is wet or dry. It is widely used in cuisine. It is an edible lichen flora (a type of fungus), which grows on trees, rocks and stones. When used in small quantities, it imparts a strong woody aroma and flavor to the preparation. For better results it should be roasted in a little oil to release its full aroma.

It is curly like some dried flower that is very light in weight. It looks curly like clouds. It can be easily puffed away with a blow of thin air from your mouth. Kalpasi has shades of black, gray, white, mung bean green and pale green in it. You won’t be able to get its fragrance if smelled raw. Kalpasi releases a very strong aroma when tempered for curries and gravies. If you investigate a pack of kalpasi, you’ll find small bits of barks too, as if it was scrapped out from a tree.

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